E-liquids are usually composed of water, nicotine, flavoring, PG and VG. It also comes in a variety of flavors. The flavors usually have a better and less vague taste when the e-liquid is PG based since it is odorless and colorless. But if users prefer a sweeter taste to their e-liquid, VG based e-liquid is right for them. The most popular flavor is tobacco. For e-cig users, tobacco is commonly used because it is similar to regular cigarettes. Those who just started using the electronic cigarette would prefer tobacco flavor as a starter since its taste is not far from how the regular cigarettes taste. Tobacco flavored e-liquid may be the best e-liquid for starters. But it may also depend on the user. Some may prefer menthol or something sweet.

Regular cigarettes are made up of tobacco leaves. A regular cigarette may contain 13.7mg to 23.2mg of nicotine per gram of tobacco. Since that is a pretty large amount of nicotine, many users are addicted to cigarettes. Users who are willing to stop smoking would change from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. It is never easy for cigarette smokers to change from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes since there is a distinction between the two. But since there is a tobacco flavored e-liquid, it makes smokers adjust easily with less nicotine content. Cigarette smokers don’t smoke only because of the nicotine but for the flavor as well. Tobacco flavored e-liquid may be the best e liquid for users who wants their e-cig to taste like regular cigarettes.

best e liquidTobacco in regular cigarettes contains a certain amount of tar which may build up in users’ lungs. This increases the health risks of certain users. It can cause lung diseases, certain cancers and heart disease. Studies showed that non-smokers live up to 14 years longer than smokers. Many smokers are willing to quit but are always looking for nicotine and that tobacco taste. Using tobacco flavored e-liquid may lower the risk of these diseases and satisfy the taste and need of users. Using the e-cig with this tobacco flavored e-liquid may be the best e-liquid since according to scientific studies it may serve as a nicotine replacement therapy. But further studies still need to prove if this is true. E-cigs are still to be proven if it is really healthy for users. But according to Dr. Igor Burstyn, the e-liquid chemicals were proven to have less health risks to users and to people around them.

Tobacco flavored e-liquid is made up of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, nicotine and Natural and Artificial flavors. Tobacco flavored e-liquid are only 1 to 3 percent flavoring because of it is stronger than other flavors. Unlike other liquids that are only composed of either PG or VG, Tobacco flavored e-liquid are made of both to give it a natural and somewhat sweet taste. What makes tobacco flavored e-liquid popular among the rest of the flavors is that it has its natural taste and since both PG and VG are present in the solution, it gives the right amount of throat hit and vapor. Also, it has natural taste of tobacco which is less harmful since there is no tar and less nicotine. It serves as the best e-liquid because it does not just give the user a satisfaction of his nicotine content, but it gives it the natural feel of smoking regular cigarettes. What is also good about this e-liquid is that users can smoke without worrying much about the diseases they may develop or encounter. For many users, tobacco flavored e-liquids are considered the best e-liquid because of its natural taste and flavor.

GW501516 has built a solid reputation when it comes to muscle building and strength enhancing. But like any physique and performance enhancing drugs, it has been classified as one of the many ways athletes can cheat.

GW-501516 is a PPARδ (delta) modulator compound that is being investigated and developed by Glaxo Smith Kline. Its chemical formula is C21H18F3NO3S2. GW stands for Glaxo Wellcome. It is also recognized as GW-501,516, GW1516, GSK-516. It is a known agonist for PPARδ. In primates, its use has been correlated to lowering LDL and raising HDL levels. As a selective agonist, it acts on a specific gene, namely PPARδ and stimulates the glucose uptake of skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are voluntarily-controlled muscles that are attached to bones through collagen fibers. The said drug is legal and people use it to experiment on themselves at their own risk since there are yet no human clinical studies to explore its extensive effects on humans. It is used primarily to increase endurance and recovery. With an increased endurance, the intensity during workouts are maintained. It also stimulates oxidation of fats.

GW-501516No human trial has been conducted with this substance. To this date, Glaxo Smith Kline has halted the development and clinical trials for this substance. The reasons were not explicitly released to the public but in 2 abstract reports published in “The Toxicologist” in March 2009, long-term use of this substance leads to the development of cancers. In an experiment, rats were given dosages of this drug for 2 years. This drug is still available from different sources and is used in studies by non-Glaxo Smith Kline funded researches.

What is PPARδ?

PPARδ stands for peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor delta. It is a gene responsible for controlling other genes through production of specific proteins to determine the muscle fiber type in the body and is expressed mainly in the brain, fat (adipose) tissues and skin. This gene is also present in mice. What GW-501516 does is act on this gene to build more muscles and burn significantly more fat. In mice, when PPARδ is activated, the muscle exhibits a phenotype related to prolonged endurance. In a paper published in 2004 entitled “Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPARδ”, mice with activated PPARδ genes were able to run thrice as much as mice with unstimulated PPARδ.

Reputation in Sports

Initially, only recognized performance-enhancing drugs are banned in all sport areas. However the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has recently introduced an effective ban against all kinds of anabolic steroids, agonists, selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) including Enobosarm or Ostarine. These unlicensed drugs mean any substance that has “no current approval by any governmental regulatory health authority for human therapeutic use.” It is branded as “Endurobol” that is specifically marketed to athletes. As a substance in its clinical development phase, GW-501516 is not meant for human use. However it is not illegal. Banning this substance at a larger unit cannot be legitimately done. It is a legitimate substance for biomedical research and there are over 200 scholarly papers published about it, with the majority of them not focused on its performance enhancing properties. However, WADA has insisted that clinical approval will not be given to Endurobol or GW-1516 because of the toxicities found in pre-clinical studies. Nonetheless, this warning has been ignored by non-athlete individuals looking for ways to boost their muscle mass and endurance due to WADA’s allegedly poor reputation in providing scientifically accurate statements on banned substances.

Performance Enhancement

Because it is still in its clinical development phase, no health approval from health agencies has been submitted for the human therapeutic use of GW-510516.

People have the wrong impression about how content marketing works. Too often, people assume that you can work within the parameters of SEO by just focusing on one or two elements and that’s it. For instance, there are bloggers today that seem to trust in longwinded blog posts that are all text. You may have seen in before, a text post that has 1,500 or even 3,000 words plastered onto one page. That’s more than you need, yet people swear by this methodology. If you’re working on long form writing like this, you are going to be shocked to see that no one will visit your website. In order to make serious strides forward, you will need to work on a lot of different elements of marketing and it means that you will need to focus on cutting down the fat and trimming things a lot more. That can be done through the hiring of a SEO company. There are several things that a company can help you with, including fixing the failures that you’ve made in the past. Exploring some of these failures may help you miss some of the mistakes that people commonly make.

No Clear Message:

The first major failure thatContent Marketing you’ll find online is that of the message. The message of each post that you create should be clearly defined and should not be ambiguous at all. Too often people assume that the message of their site is inherent and can be pushed forward with simplicity. You may think that you’re clearly coming across well, but the end user may not feel that way. You will find that the message that you present will be housed in how you present the content for your site and it can make or break your website’s reach. Streamlining the call to action, message, and content that you have overall is best left to a professional grade service. When you have a professional company at the helm of your internet marketing, you will have a streamline component that will leave the guesswork out of your updates.

Formatting Issues:

Content marketing is best placed under a great deal of formatting that most people may not find aesthetically pleasing. Many website owners and bloggers assume that their visual tastes will dictate what the end user wants. That is not always the case. Some people are shocked to see the changes that a SEO company will make on their site because it will completely change the flow of design. For instance, you may not have large font for your writing, but larger font has been proven more effective in regards to reading. More people will read your page if you increase the font size, and that may be detrimental to what you want to post in regards to design flow. The other issues could be as simple as adding breaks in the text, bullet points, numbered lists and a lot of other element that will help you create market share overall.

The Social Media Aspect:

There is something to be said about the integration of social media on any major website. When you utilize the right elements, you will end up getting a great deal of market share as a result. However, if you do not place the right elements on your site, you will not be able to get out of your own little world. In order to gain market share today, you have to have social media interactions, and they need to be focused throughout your page. Every update that you upload should have a clear shareable opportunity and that means more than just having small icons at the end of your post. Having scrolling icons can help, and a lot of other elements can help you with this as well. The goal here is to make sure that people share your posts so that you get the most out of the things that you’re updating. When hiring a SEO company, they will be able to position your posts with the most market share possible. You will find that they may even share your posts with their own network and give you a boost in shares, followers, and more.

Diversifying The Elements:

The one thing that most people forget about is that content marketing requires more than just one element. You will want to diversify the things that you’re posting and make sure that you update your site according to the best practices of the internet today. For instance, you will need to work within framework such as article marketing, video posts, images, infographics, and much more. At press, there are no less than 15 elements of content marketing that will help you stand out on the internet today. You can either do all of them yourself, and hope you get the right traffic generated or you could rely on the expertise of a professional service.

For those that are looking to get a decent amount of leverage within their niche, it’s important to hire a pro. Never go the DIY route when it comes to SEO and social media integration, content building, or backlink generation. It’s best left to those that have experience.

SEOExplode.us High Quality SEO Company

In any sport, it is hard to develop excellent skills without proper equipment. If a person is capable of mastering his skills using regular equipment, he will even be more successful with the help of advanced equipment. When it comes to golf, balls and clubs are not the only things that matter. Abilities such as proper grip, good vision, precision and the strength that enables a golfer to reach farther are highly important. While it is true that we all have our own limits, it is still possible for golfers to extend their boundaries with the help of innovative golf equipment.

By obtaining the right equipment, developing your skills in golf will be a piece of cake. At Rock Bottom Golf, you will not only find high quality clubs and balls. You can get everything you need as well since it is a one stop golf shop. Below is some of the innovative golf equipment you can find on Rock Bottom Golf that will efficiently help you enhance your skills as a golfer and dramatically improve your performance.


There are various types of rangefinders available at Rock Bottom Golf. Each of them has their own technologies and features that ensure accurate reading regardless of the conditions. Aside from the range finders that can provide precise line of site measurements, the ones that are sought out by a lot of golfers are those that have cutting edge optical systems as well as sophisticated algorithmic based software.

Electronic GPS Devices

Electronic GPS devices include GPS units, watches and accessories. These devices automatically track where a golfer is so they can load the golf course that he or she is playing. Golfers basically use these devices in order to play faster and lower their scores. Some of the features they have are the accurate reading of the golf course, automatic golf course recognition and the instant yardage which enables them to display the exact measurements of the back, center and front to the green.

Training Aids

Every golfer can make use of training aids. They are highly needed by beginners but they can be of great help to advanced or professional players as well. There is golf equipment intended to improve specific aspects of a golfer’s ability. For example, the swing trainers which help a player master the perfect swing path and keep it in his muscle memory. The arc of the swing, its timing, accuracy, alignment as well as the proper angle of the club face will be developed by a golfer with their help. There is also various equipment that can help a golfer work on his putting game anywhere.

Aside from these items, golfers can also find fitness aids, books and DVDs about golf including all the other gears they need on Rock Bottom Golf. These products will allow them to breakthrough their current limits and create new and impressive golf performance. By the time you visit the official website, you will be given a limited offer right away.

Whatever level of skills or abilities a golfer has, there will always be room for enhancements in order for his or her performance to get better. This is more important when it comes to strengthening the weak spot of a player. Because of this, there is no doubt that every golfer can highly benefit from all of the sophisticated golf equipment available at Rock Bottom Golf. Visit their official website now and see all of the high quality items they offer. You will not have to check other stores since Rock Bottom Golf has all the golf essentials a player might look for.

Custom trading pins are very popular to people both young and old. Not only is there a huge variety of these pins available, but they are also relatively affordable. This not only means that everyone can get engaged in collecting these pins, but this also means that there are all kinds of ways for them to proceed with their collection. While custom pins can be constructed in all kinds of ways, there are 2 materials most commonly used for making them: soft enamel and hard enamel. Which of these 2 materials are better, and which of them should you go for should you find the need to create your own pins?

To start the comparison, the similaritiescustom trading pins of soft and hard enamel should be highlighted. Of course, they are both created using enamel. Both pins are made using a die struck construction, with the paint being filled into the pin. While they are made from the same enamel and the same pin, it’s how the finish is processed that makes these 2 different from one another. On soft enamel pins, the paint is air dried, which causes some of the paint to settle. In contrast, hard enamel pins are created by placing the painted pin at a very high temperature, causing the paint to harden and cure into the pin’s surface.

For the uneducated eye, this may seem like a very minor difference. However, this difference creates all the characteristics that make each of these items unique.

Here is how the properties between soft enamel and hard enamel custom trading pins stack against each other.

1. Look - For the uneducated eye, it may seem like there’s no real difference between a soft enamel pin and a hard enamel pin. However, when you look closely, there’s really a huge difference on how these pins look like. Soft enamel pins possess a dimensional, layered look wherein the contours of the struck mold stand out. Meanwhile, pins made of hard enamel have a smoother look because the paint is evenly applied into the ridges. Which looks better? Honestly, it’s all about preference.

2. Texture - The pin’s texture is also another way to check out the difference between these 2 types of custom trading pins. For soft enamel pins, because the paint has distributed evenly across the pin’s surface, you can actually feel the ridges of the pin. In contrast, you won’t feel these ridges on the hard enamel pin. This is because the curing process ensures that the surfaces are even with each other. Further making the surface even is the polishing done after the paint curing.

3. Overall durability - When it comes to durability, both pins stand out. After all, the durability of the pin itself is entirely dependent on the construction of the pin itself as well as the quality of the paint used. However, hard enamel pins have a slight advantage over soft enamel pins because of the quality of the finish. Because the paint job is essentially embedded into the pin’s surface, it’s more resistant to wear and tear.

4. Price - One reason why soft enamel pins remain very much relevant is because of their friendly price tag. Soft enamel pins are remarkably affordable to produce, making them an ideal choice if pins are to be produced in high numbers. The higher price of hard enamel mainly owes to the cost of the curing process. Still, there are makers of hard enamel pins that offer them at relatively affordable prices.

So what is the best choice for custom trading pins?  You can’t go wrong with either choice actually. If you value low price and an edgy finish, then go for soft enamel pins. If you value superior durability and texture, then go for hard enamel pins.

A misting fan is a great appliance to use when the weather is extremely hot. But in order to maximize its cooling effectiveness, here are some tips that you should follow to get the most out of your misting fan.

  • While misting fans do help in cooling the environment, it should only be placed in an area with proper ventilation, and not in a closed space. The reason for this is that without proper air circulation, the mist it produces may not evaporate properly, causing water buildup near the area. The best places on where you can use a misting fan to full effect are outside areas, but if you’re going to use it indoors, make sure that it’s located in a place where there are lots of windows and doors that can make the air flow freely.
  • There’s a common misconception misting fanthat misting fans don’t work well in a humid environment, since the water mist that it generates only adds to the humidity in the air and can only cause more discomfort. However, that idea is entirely false. In fact, misting fans work best on a humid environment. The idea is to carefully choose and maintain the proper mist nozzle, to ensure that it only gives out the proper mist to cool the air. This is the same reason that, in general, a misting fan with a high-pressure nozzle is the best one to use for cooling purposes.
  • If you’re near a water supply and you prefer to use your misting fan outdoors, then those which can be hooked up to the nearest water supply is the best, most convenient option for you. This gives you the advantage of not having to refill the water tank every time it runs out of mist. If you want to extend the reach of your fan outdoors, simply connect a garden hose between the faucet and the fan. But if you prefer to use the fan indoors as well as outdoors, then use the portable ones that come with a built-in water tank. You need the fill the tank with water every now and then to maintain the mist, though, but it allows you to move the fan at any place you needed, without being bound to a single position due to it being connected to a water supply.
  • Since it’s considered as an electric appliance, misting fans need periodic maintenance to keep them in working order. For instance, the nozzles and filters need to be cleaned up in a regular schedule to prevent dirt and/or mineral buildup, which would otherwise impede the regular operation of the machine by limiting the amount of mist it can produce. Also, it’s very important to change the oil of the motor every six months, once again to ensure proper operation. To know on how to perform these maintenance operations, as well an on how to check for other defects like leaks, consult the instruction manual provided with each.
  • Since misting fans only work well in a hot environment, proper storage of it should be followed, especially during winter months. Since the fan relies on moisture for its operation, make sure that you keep it completely dry before storing it, especially around the nozzle and the fan areas. This will prevent any leftover moisture from freezing, which can cause significant damage to the fan the next time it’s used.

As with any appliance, misting fans come with an instruction manual which details the proper assembly, operation, maintenance, and even a helpful lot of safety tips. Before you start using it, it’s best to read and understand the manual very carefully.

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs may cause any troubles and difficulties in one’s life. Many experts in the field of medicine and the law have already cautioned against combining driving with alcohol and drugs. Alcohol impairs one’s reasoning.

lawMost doctors add that alcohol causes blurred vision, impatience and dizziness, which a driver should avoid if he is on the road. Many countries around the world have already expressed their strong stance on the strict implementation of DUI laws. However, it is really very hard to get away with drunk drivers, unless the society is ready to put away their vehicles and walk to their destination if they are drunk. Indeed, vehicles and drunk driving seem to be inseparable.

Lawyers handle hundreds of DUI cases everyday. DUI cases seem to be part of their lives. In Utah for example, one of the least populated States in the US, citizens find it hard to follow the strict DUI laws of the State. The role of Utah DUI Lawyer in this State is very important. Named as a very religious State, the Utah DUI lawyer is always on the peak of surrendering the DUI case because of the tough law implementation, police officers and judges.

The goal of every Utah DUI lawyer is to help the client get off the charge and prevent him to losing his license to drive. Hence, the evidence must be strong.

Every Utah DUI lawyers should put into mind the importance of evidence since they are facing a tough State implementing DUI law in a very strict way. Evidence is the art of proving up the pros and cons of the controversy in court according to rules of evidence. The lawyers should have a strong hold on the evidence presented by the other party.

For example, the Utah DUI lawyer must be prepared for the witnesses of the other party. Witnesses play a big role in the prosecution of a case. Since this is a DUI case and indeed there is no actual crime committed, the testimonies of the witnesses such as the police officer who handled the breath test or the medical practitioner who performed the blood tests, are important and they will weigh the decision of the judge.

Another important evidences to check are the object evidences. These include documents or any paper type of evidence presented to the court. The Utah DUI lawyer must be ready to contest such evidences in terms of authenticity. Authenticity is the reliability of the documents. Lawyers must check if it is certified or signed by proper authorities. If not, they can object the presentation of such documents. For example, a medical report of the blood test must be signed not only by the administering health practitioner but the head of the hospital or a public health officer representing the prosecution.

Most Utah DUI lawyers win by challenging the due process given to their clients. In some cases, most police officers forget to give the accused his rights under the constitution to remain silent and to have his lawyer.

It is always important for the lawyer and client to talk first, thus establishing the attorney-client relationship. In this way, the lawyer could get all the important facts of the case in order for him to be prepared. In this way, the Utah DUI lawyer can also coach his client on what to do next or what to say in the interview. Also, this stage is where trust is built. It is built not only on the part of the lawyer but also on the part of the accused. After trust is settled, everything else will follow.

In a DUI case, a person found guilty may be charged of a criminal and administrative offense. In any State having a criminal charge is very difficult because this will stay in one’s police record and will reflect on his character. If the accused has enough time and money, he can look for an experienced lawyer in the field of criminal offenses.

At Sharifi & Baron, our Utah DUI lawyer is former prosecutors who have handled hundreds of cases.

Convenience and efficiency are the key features of chat support. Most online buyers often, if not always, find themselves asking for details about certain products or services offered online. However, since most online retail shops don’t provide live chat, consumers get a little frustrated about having to wait more than 24 hours just to get answers to their quick questions. They also tend be impatient to wait on the line just to satisfy their curiosity about a trivial matter. Given the situation, chat support has proven to provide customers with instant access to the service they need a little better than what is possible through phone support.

On the other hand, like many other customer service tools, the chat support’s full potential is dependent on whether or not you maximize its features. The main goal of having chat software for business installed in your website is to provide immediate answers for customers with quick questions. This is only possible if there are people who will handle customers’ queries on your end.

How Chat Support Can Make or Break Your Business

More often than not, websites that offer live chat reply with that “we’ll-get-back-at-you” response and then make the customers wait for a very long time. That could be chat softwarefrustrating for customers who are itching to get their curiosity satisfied. For that reason, most costumers will more likely find another website which offers the same product yet can answer them quickly. Remember, in the world of online retailing, your competitors are only one click away.

Installing chat software for business also promises improved online sales. However, as mentioned earlier, it is dependent on the customer handling skills of your chat support staff. Chat support is different from phone support and short and spot-on responses are the keys to get the customers hooked.

The next thing you want to make sure is providing proper training for your staff. Many chat support software providers offer training for their clients’ chat support staff, but it does not include training for sales and up selling. It is essential that your chat support team could not only handle customers’ basic questions, but also can provide additional information about your brand and be able to upsell.

Getting the Right Chat Support Software for Your Business

When shopping for chat software for business, it is important that you know what your business needs are. Fortunately, all chat software providers have live chat support, so you can see how it works and how it will look on your website.

You can find the right chat software for your business by scouring the internet for reviews and feedback. The previous and present clients can be your direct sources of information about how a certain package works and if it is worth the investment.

Many people are embracing outdoor furniture because of the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere that it brings once you are outside. The outdoor daybed is no exception. You can use this furniture to sleep, dine or just lay down and take in your surroundings. Relaxing on the daybed can be better when you like what you sleep on. You may want to change your daybed to suit the current trends or you might be shopping for a new daybed to accentuate your patio. Indeed your taste does change with time and this is why you need to be familiar with the latest outdoor daybed designs and trends. When this happens, feel free to acquire modern daybeds according to what you love.

outdoor daybedThe daybed has changed from its normal rectangle design to a more sophisticated round, oval and egg-shaped daybed. This is not only because it saves on space but it also looks great on the patio. Daybeds nowadays have upper covering to protect you from sunshine or the rain. The round shape is also very maternal looking and reminds people of their mother’s womb. Anytime you see the bed, all you will think about is its inviting look that begs you to jump and lie on it. Colors such as plaid, gold and maroon are now used on the outdoor daybed because of their ability to be mixed with any colored furniture on the patio. It is also possible to see different color mixes to remove that lazy feel of nature especially if you would like to garden. Colors such as gold and white also create a royal look and exquisite look in the yard.

Different materials such as rattan and wicker are now very popular for making the outdoor daybed. Apart from the comfort that they give to the user, these materials are also very versatile. In addition, they are great for the outdoors because they are weather resistant and easy to clean. Wicker and rattan hardly fade with moisture and sunlight. They also stay cool especially during hot summers. Similarly, you will not need to worry about cracking due to expansion or contraction. This means that you will have made a great investment that can last for years to come. One cannot forget the trend in thick and big cushions fitted on the outdoor daybed to make it more comfortable. The cushions are made with cushion covers that can be removed and washed when they are dirty.

Online meeting software is a very productive business tool that can be used by almost any organization to host meetings with its clients, customers and stakeholders. Web conferencing has really helped organizations to save money that could have been used on gas and also eliminates times wastage brought about by traveling. There are times when you schedule a meeting with your employees only to arrive and find one or two not present because of unavoidable circumstances. These video meetings will allow you do avoid all these problems and get down to work. However, to achieve the most out of this, you must go for web conferencing software that will meet your needs.

Web Conferencing SoftwareThe first thing you must ensure is that the web conferencing software doesn’t involve any downloads. This is a precautionary measure since if any of the participants has to download anything it opens a window for viruses and delays. The participant might not be able to install the software or some conflict might arise between the computer system and the software. You should go for the web based applications to avoid these issues. The service provider must be able to convince you that the system is highly secured. This is especially when you know that you will be transmitting sensitive information that you don’t want to fall in the wrong hands. It should use SSL layer and encryptions same as those used in online shops to ensure that the meetings remain private.

The web conferencing software should give the participants the full ability to interact with each other during the event. It has to have video, audio as well as text features to ensure effective communication throughout the session. The software should have some feedback mechanism that allows you to rate the success of the meeting. This will ensure that the next meeting is much better and more effective. There should be chat logs, reports and recommendations at the end of the meeting to assist you in knowing how the meeting was. The web conferencing software will be more effective if it has multi pane functionality. This is a feature that allows your computer to have different panes for different features. A good example is having two panes, one for the live video feed whereas the other for a white board where you can take notes. If you take all these into consideration then the web conferencing software that you will get is guaranteed to give you full satisfaction.

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